LMC Spotlight: Jake Lindahl, Senior Operations Analyst

With more than 65 communities either already built or on the way, LMC is in a strong financial position to keep growing steadily into the future. One of the many outstanding LMC team members who help oversee that economic growth is Jake Lindahl, a Senior Operations Analyst. Jake came to us with an impressive history in the financial realm, and he is on a trajectory to do great things with the company.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Southern Methodist University (go Mustangs!), Jake launched his career with Morgan Stanley. After a few years there, he joined the LMC family as a Financial Analyst and has been impressing us all ever since. Let’s hear from Jake a little bit more of his experience and what he loves most about working for LMC!

Jake Lindahl

What is your official title and job description?

Senior Operations Analyst. I support the leadership teams of Property Management, Asset Management, and Development with a focus on enhancing financial and operational performance via the formulation and execution of research, strategy, and analysis.

What is your LMC story (how did you land at LMC)?

I was looking to make a career change and applied for the property management financial analyst position through Linkedin. A few weeks later Lucy reached out and the rest is history.

Tell us your favorite thing about working at LMC?

Without question, the best part of LMC is the people that make up the company. Being surrounded by highly intelligent and dedicated people who put a premium on having fun sets LMC apart not only from competition but as a company in general.

What’s your favorite LMC Core Value?

My favorite LMC core value is ‘Listen, then speak up’ because it embodies a service-oriented quality of putting other people’s needs first and resembles one of my favorite quotes: “Listen thrice, think twice, speak once”.

What are you most looking forward to in LMC’s future?

Watching the company continue to grow and mature, while still maintaining its unparalleled culture.

Bio/LMC Accolades:

Promoted from Financial Analyst to Senior Operations Analyst in May 2018


LMC is a very special place to work, largely because of the special people who work here. Our company culture is infused with spirit, enthusiasm, passion, and vitality. Thank you for being an amazing example of that, Jake!

Above all else, we are committed to quality, communication, and integrity. This applies to the communities we build and lease, and to the relationships we have with our residents and each other. Are you looking for amazing opportunities for career growth at one of America’s leading apartment developers? We are always growing and looking to add amazing people to our LMC teams! Find your opportunity here: https://livelmc.com/your-opportunity/